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Butterfly Tours Scrapbook

I first kayaked Haida Gwaii in 1981, I was seventeen years old.  In those days, the archipelago was commonly referred to as the Queen Charlotte Islands.

In 1987, I founded Butterfly Tours.  In 2020, I intended to return to Haida Gwaii for my 40th consecutive summer of kayak explorations on the Islands.  COVID-19 completely disrupted these plans.  Once the dust settles on this global pandemic, I intend to update this website to reflect what the future holds for Butterfly Tours...

This page is essentially an online scrapbook containing some of Butterfly Tours' history.

I hope you enjoy it...Gord

Götz & Gord
Götz & Gord in Rose Harbour - 1984
Götz & Gord
Gord & Götz - 2004
Gord making campfire pancakes - 1991
Gordon Islands
Guides Viviane, Dan & Gord - 2006
Guides Suzane & Gord - Rose Harbour 2004
Guides Gord & Cindy - 1993
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As a young man, I launched on a solo kayak trip and headed alone down the west side of Haida Gwaii.  This month long journey turned into a spirit-quest.  During a remarkable offshore encounter, a Double-Fin Killer Whale revealed itself.

The outer coast solo experience forever enhanced the way I travel through the Islands.  The artwork below was gifted to me after that trip.  Many kayakers have enjoyed the campfire stories I've shared about the journey.

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