Sandspit Arrival

Kayak tour guests and expedition participants are requested to arrive in Sandspit at least one day prior to trip departure.  However, we suggest you schedule your arrival two days early in order to have extra time to deal with the potential for delayed baggage, or missed flight connections.

Sometimes travelers board their flight to Sandspit only to discover upon arrival that their bags were bumped to the next day's flight.  Occasionally, delays with previous "connecting" flights can cause travelers to miss their flight to Sandspit.  While these circumstances are fairly rare, we generally suggest that guests schedule their arrival in Sandspit two days (or more) before the kayak trip departs.

If you don't want to schedule an extra day, it often works fine to arrive in Sandspit just one day before the kayak trip, although a tighter schedule may cause stress if flights are delayed or baggage is bumped.
Arriving in Sandspit two days early will provide some time to "decompress" before the kayak trip, as well as avoid the stress of wondering if you and your bags will make it on time.

It is generally not possible to delay the kayak trip departure if someone is expected to arrive late, or baggage is missing.  Air Canada will sometimes arrange for delayed baggage to be delivered to the kayak launch in Rose Harbour, though they will usually not arrange for passenger transport to Rose Harbour.  If you find yourself in this awkward situation, the staff at Moresby Explorers in Sandspit can provide assistance.  (We work closely with Moresby Explorers - they provide transport to Rose Harbour as well as accommodation in Sandspit.)

Arriving in Sandspit two days (or more) before your kayak trip is highly recommended.

There are many things to do on Haida Gwaii, including visiting museums, beach hiking, fishing and exploring the Islands' communities.  We recommend the Haida Heritage Centre - a focal point of Haida culture in Skidegate.

It is generally best to stay in Sandspit the night before your kayak trip, as you may depart early on the first day.  For more information, please see:  Travel to Sandspit

Additionally, please see information about return travel.

You are welcome to contact Gord if you have any questions.

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