Cruising Speed

Cruising speed is the most efficient speed for a vessel to travel.
During our kayak tours and expeditions, we strive to maintain optimum cruising speed.

Initially achieving cruising speed in a loaded single kayak can require the paddler to invest some effort.  Once cruising speed is achieved, slightly less effort is required to maintain the pace.

Single kayaks enable specific freedoms, yet they also provide certain challenges.  Before registering on one of our trips, prospective participants are encouraged to consider if they truly wish to be solely responsible for the propulsion of their own vessel.

A double kayak is available; however, we do not provide a paddling partner for the double.  (We provide each person with the opportunity to paddle a single kayak.)
If you would prefer paddling our double, please be sure to arrive with a paddling partner.

We offer tours and expeditions, suitable for different levels of kayaking ability.  During our tours, guides assist paddlers in developing efficient paddling techniques.  An efficient paddle stroke is crucial to conserving energy.  Less efficient strokes require more energy to maintain cruising speed.

Participants on our more advanced expeditions are asked to arrive with the ability to consistently propel a loaded single kayak at cruising speed in a variety of sea conditions.

When participants arrive uninjured, physically fit, well balanced and coordinated, with dependable reflexes and a positive attitude, they are generally able to learn how to paddle efficiently while maintaining cruising speed in a fully loaded single kayak.

Additional information is provided for those inviting a friend or partner.

You are welcome to contact Gord for more information.

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