Inviting a Friend
or Partner

We provide single kayaks.

With appropriate outdoor clothing, a positive attitude and a reasonable level of fitness and coordination, most paddlers can enjoy touring at optimum cruising speed in our single kayaks during changeable weather conditions.

Cruising speed is an important concept for each group member to understand.

Single kayaks enable specific freedoms while providing certain challenges.  Not everyone prefers to be solely responsible for the propulsion of their vessel.  If you are interested in our trips and want to invite a friend or partner, please be sure that they also seek the additional rewards and challenges of paddling a single kayak.

Wilderness kayak journeys require a degree of personal motivation and fortitude.  It is not necessarily physical strength that is required; it's often more about attitude.
For some of our guests, touring Haida Gwaii by single kayak is a lifelong dream.  Others may have recently heard about Gwaii Haanas National Park, or lately discovered the archipelago on a map.  Most of our guests are unmistakably drawn to the Islands, seeking adventure and exploration by single kayak; eager and willing to encounter a few reasonable challenges along the way.

A couple may feel inclined to register on a kayak tour even though one person is not truly "into" the trip; they simply want to be together on a vacation.  This might lead to difficulties, particularly during the occasional challenging moments that occur on self-propelled wilderness adventures.

Infrequently, a couple may arrive on a kayak trip even though one person does not truly desire the experience.  "I get to choose the next vacation" can become an underlying theme of their trip.  When this occurs, one partner may become focused on attempting to appease the other, who is now kayaking and camping in the wilderness while not truly desiring all the experience has to offer.

It is generally best to avoid convincing someone to join a multi-day wilderness journey that involves paddling a single kayak through the North Pacific.  If the trip is right for a person, they will likely know for themselves.  If someone remains uncertain after reviewing all the trip information, it may be best to consider one of our "softer" accommodation tours, or using our double kayak.

A Seaward Southwind fibreglass double kayak is available as an option; however, we do not provide a paddling partner for the double.  (We provide each person with the opportunity to paddle a single kayak.)  If you would prefer paddling our double, please be sure to arrive with a paddling partner.

Alternatively, you may consider joining a trip without your partner or friend.  Each year, several of our expedition participants and tour guests entirely enjoy a trip of a lifetime, unaccompanied by their partner.

For detailed information on our single kayaks, please see:  Equipment

You are welcome to contact Gord if you have any questions.

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