Bringing Your Own Kayak

Bringing a personal kayak on one of our trips would likely cost extra time and money, as there are fees and potential delays associated with transporting a kayak between Sandspit and our launch site in Rose Harbour.

Butterfly Tours makes a considerable investment when transporting our kayak fleet to Rose Harbour at the beginning of each season.  Then, we charter a speedboat each week to transport our participants to and from Rose Harbour before and after each trip.  Not all of these speedboats have cargo racks appropriate for kayak transport; special arrangements must be made in advance if a kayak is to be transported.

Kayak transport delays may occur if one speedboat requires maintenance and another one is substituted.  The substitute boat would be able to transport all our guests, but perhaps not a kayak.  Once a kayak arrives in Rose Harbour, it must pass a stringent safety inspection before it is cleared for use on one of our trips.

Due to all the expensive, complicated logistics and possible delays, Butterfly Tours only handles the transport of our own fleet.  All other kayak transport becomes the responsibility of the kayak owner.  Butterfly Tours does not provide a discount to those who bring their own kayak.

Vehicles with kayaks on roof racks are often charged additional over-height fees on the ferry running between the mainland and Haida Gwaii.  This expensive ferry only runs a few days each week.

We are familiar with the strong urge to paddle one's own kayak.  For some, the considerable extra expense and logistical challenges may be worth it.  However, almost all of our tour guests and expedition participants prefer using one of the finely crafted Seaward Tyee fibreglass single kayaks provided by Butterfly Tours.

You are welcome to contact us for more information.

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Updated by Gord on January 28, 2019